Firefighter Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross shape has been adopted by many organizations worldwide, especially first-responder groups, who embody “knightly” (courageous) qualities. Specifically in the United States, the Maltese Cross has been adopted as the symbol for our firefighting force. This makes the Maltese Cross the logical shape for firefighter awards and gifts. At Hit Trophy, we have several items that feature this special symbol. For example, our Maltese Cross Clock (AT36) features a handsome Maltese Cross-shaped timepiece mounted on a walnut wood plaque. In contrast, our Crystal Maltese Cross (CRY468) is a free-standing, more contemporary, clear crystal option. Whether you choose a Maltese Cross gift made of crystal, acrylic, or traditional wood, the recipient will appreciate the symbolism and significance of the gift.

If you’d like to learn more about the Maltese Cross or where it came from, then be sure to take a moment to read “What is a Maltese Cross?” There you’ll learn about it’s history, what it’s used for and what it symbolizes for firefighters. Not only that, but we include numerous photos of Maltese Crosses and also a video that describes the history of it for you as well. 

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