Military Statues

Personalized Army Statues are some of the best ways to reward soldiers for their service. These soldier statues are quite impressive as some stand as tall as 14″ high and the come with free engraving so you can put their name, rank and place where they’ve been stationed. If you know a soldier, then be sure to celebrate their achievements with an army statue when they return home. The Armed Forces also 3 other main branches such as the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the Navy (USN) and the Air Force (USAF) and we have Armed Forces statues that are specific for each branch. We have a resin marine statue that stand 10″ tall and it features a marine in crouched over in combat. We also have a resin navy statue that features a sailor in full attire and his belongings slung over his shoulder in a ditty bag. And we also have an Air Force Statue that shows an airman in full uniform carrying his helmet on his way to his fighter jet. Hopefully you can see that with our Army statues, Marine statues, Navy statues, Air Force Statues and USMC statues, we have you covered with every branch of the Armed Forces.

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