RFB153 Police StatueWe are all quickly approaching the heart of the holidays. Soon, we will be spending time with family, friends, and neighbors in celebration of the season. Most of us will spend our days worshipping, eating, and giving gifts. But what about those people who do not set their jobs aside during the holiday season? Those who protect us and save our lives must still respond to emergencies even during the holidays. These first responders, such as police officers, emergency medical technicians, and fire fighters, have been serving all of us the entire year. Their season of giving has no time limitations; their season of giving is 24/7, 365 days a year. Since this is the season of giving, we at Hit Trophy thought it is the perfect time to remember those people who give all year long.

Our RFB153 police statue with glass engraving plate is a spectacular way to say thank you to any officer. This award stands 8″ tall by 7.5″ wide, and it depicts a security officer in full uniform reporting criminal activity. Beside the bronze statue, a long beveled edge piece of glass stands which we will engrave for free. We can place up to 7 lines of any encouraging message, names and dates, police unit numbers, orP2930 Star of Life Plaque symbols. The entire award is elevated and positioned on a black rounded base. Any police officer you know will be amazed with this police statue. Show them you are thinking of their dedication and determination in keeping our communities safe.

Emergency medical technicians also do not get off Christmas. Someone must be prepared to go to a medical situation at a moment’s notice, maybe to save the life of a complete stranger. Show these medical miracle workers your gratitude with our Star of Life Award plaque. Item P2930 shows off the star of life in a shining bronze casting finish. Along with its bronze casting star, this unique service award comes with your choice of custom engraved names and messages, making it the perfect way to honor the brave men and women who keep up safe and healthy in times of emergency.

Unfortunately, this is not only the time of celebration but also the time for house fires. Christmas trees, decorative electrical lights, and kerosene heaters all keep fire fighters busy during this time of the year. Thankfully, these brave personnel are on call every day, even during the many holidays. Item AT1 is a fantastic way of saying “thank you” to these vigilant individuals. Our firefighter plaque has a
walnut frame with a gold trim. The frame surrounds a black velour background. A wooden Maltese cross rests on the velour AT1 Firefighter Symbol Plaquefield, and the firefighter symbol adorns the center of the cross. A 4” X 2” black brass engraving plate allows room for personalization of up to six lines. This ornate plaque makes a great gift.

Another way to say thanks to firefighters is item AT200DD. At 8” X 10”, this unique plaque features a touching and colorful image of firefighter gear in a pile. This image rests at the bottom center of a black engraving plate, and above the image, we can engrave up to six lines of type or a fire house number, or important date. Provide us the information and emblem, and our engraving specialists can make the necessary adjustments. Your words will contrast beautifully against the rosewood piano finish that frames the gold trimmed black engraving plate.

We at Hit Trophy want to wish everyone “Happy Holidays” and ask that you don’t forget those who protect us. In this season of giving, please let those emergency responders know that we appreciate their bravery and unselfishness. To browse our complete selection of first responder gifts simply click on the following link.