People Dream Of Receiving Our Double Helix Art Glass Awards

Dreams come in a variety of ways. Some dreams come as desires we wish to fulfill. Others are idle thoughts when our minds are not preoccupied, and many call those daydreams. But the dreams we have at night are the most mysterious of all. These dreams can be confusing, delightful, and sometimes inspiring.

Dreams Unlock Our Imaginations

Many creative people claim to have experienced dreams which have revealed useful ideas to them. These dreamers come from all of walks of life including athletes like golfer Jack Nicklaus, novelists such as Stephenie Meyer, and scientists like Dmitry Mendeleyev who created the Periodic Table. According to an article in MentalFloss.com, dreams have contributed to our personal lives and to our society in many ways. For example, writer and film director James Cameron has had a number of movies ideas come to him via dreams. The movies “The Terminator” and “Avatar” both sprang from Cameron’s mind during dreams. Musicians have also been known to gain inspiration from their dreams. Most notably is former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney who claims to have written the song “Yesterday” after hearing the tune in one of his dreams. Originally naming the tune “Scrambled Eggs,” he changed the title and initial lyrics, and the song became the number one pop song of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Dreams Solve Puzzles

Even professors have been inspired by the visions they have while asleep. Dr. James Watson, a scientist working on the shape and structure of DNA, is one great example. After studying the work of many other scientists, Watson was still puzzled about how to construct a model of DNA. Then in 1953, he had a dream of a double sided staircase that resembled two intertwined serpents with heads at opposite ends. From the strange dream, he deduced the double helix shape of DNA. In 1962, Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the breakthrough, and many scientists now consider the discovery of the double helix shape of DNA as the dawning of modern biology.

An art glass red, white & clear double glass helix mounted on a black glass base. The base is blank, but traditionally a logo and/or text is added to personalize the award.

Patriotic Double Helix Award G1607

Our Double Helix Award Promotes Patriotism

Watson’s double helix vision has inspired scientists around the world, and it has inspired us at Hit Trophy to create a number of double helix accolades for those visionaries in your business, school, or service organization. Take for instance our Patriotic Double Helix Glass Art Award. Proudly standing a foot tall, this partisan piece displays America’s colors of red, white, and blue with a unique twist. The patriotic double helix comes anchored to a black glass base, and you have plenty of room for personalization of this gift. The glass art makes a wonderful award for those creative thinkers who lead your local VFW or American Legion. Salute those people proud to be an American with our Patriotic Double Helix Glass Art Award!

This Double Helix Award Goes Green


A green Double Helix Glass Glass Art Award mounted on a black glass base. The base is blank, but usually people personalize the base with text or a logo to make this a personalized gift.

Green Double Helix Glass Art Award G1603

Does your business strive to be an environment friendly organization? Honor those innovative people who have made your business a “green” one by presenting them our Green Double Helix. Nearly a foot tall (11.75″) the elegant accolade contains two entwined green and blue glass strands. The double helix weaves the two colorful threads to a black glass base which has an engraving plate for personalization. Our graphic artists will place up to three lines of text on the award, and the engraving is free. Our Green Double Helix Glass Art award makes a terrific tribute to any innovative leader in your association.

Our Cyclone Helix Honors Hard Workers

And finally, for those colleagues who are dynamos in the workplace, we have the perfect award: our Cyclone Helix Glass Art award. Decorated with a swirling cyclone of lines, a glass egg encases a blue double helix. Measuring over a half a foot tall (8″) and weighing nearly six pounds, the enclosed blue helix is anchored to a black glass base. The base provides plenty of room for personalization of this gift. An awesome award for years of service or a cool commendation for a job well done, our Cyclone Helix Glass Art Award makes a terrific tribute for that person who is a tireless typhoon in your organization.

A glass egg with a blue with swirling lines, dancing bubbles and twisted blue colors on the inside. It's mounted on a black glass base that is blank, but normally it's personalized with text and/or a logo for an engraved award.

Cyclone Helix Art Glass Award G1284

Dreamers Deserve A Double Helix Award From Hit Trophy!

Dreamers play an important role in our world. They bring their insightful views to our daily lives and make the world a better place to live. Celebrate the imaginative and prophetic visions of the dreamers around you by presenting them with one of the most notable symbols created in a dream, the double helix. Our double helix awards all come with free engraving, and our graphic artists use the latest in laser technology to create your personalized art. And check out our 80 art glass awards we have to offer at HitTrophy.com.





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