As May 4th “International Firefighter’s Day” draws near; it creates yet another fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the heroism, dedication, and sacrifices of our hard-working firefighters. Each one of us likely knows a firefighter. Usually there’s one within our family or at least one that’s a close friend. However, there are some people whose only connection to a firefighter has a much different association. There are a few people whose only relationship with firefighters is through some unfortunate circumstance which in turn required immediate assistance from firefighters. So, there’s absolutely no question that pretty much everyone is aware of their vital impact within our communities whether it’s personally or from being on the receiving end of their extraordinary services.

On this day throughout the world, most firehouses take advantage of this day by holding special ceremonies. Most of them conduct a “Sound Off” at noon which involves fire alarms going off for 30 seconds followed by 1 minute of silence. This is a tribute to pay respect to all firefighters who have passed or sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Family and friends show their support on this day by proudly wearing the IFFD red and blue ribbon. Internationally recognized as representing emergency services, the color of this ribbon represents the two main elements that firefighters deal with; red representing the fire and blue symbolizing the water. These yearly rituals are extremely important to show our support and gratitude for our firefighters. Hit Trophy would love to take part in helping to honor your firefighters with our selection of amazing firefighter gifts that are priced just right, and in turn provide them with a long-lasting personalized keepsake.

One of these items is our bronze firefighter statue, Item # RFB059. This 12” bronze-toned statue features a fully dressed firefighter with hose in hand, headed out to save the day. It has a black base where our skilled design team will personalize up to 5 lines of any inspirational or rewarding message for free. Another great route is to surprise your firefighter or your entire crew with one of our many great firefighter plaques. Our firefighter plaque, Item #P2793M, features the profile of a bronze fireman head along with a black brass engraving plate for any message to be engraved for free. Another option is our stunning bronze firefighter walnut clock, Item #AT35. This 24”high by 13”wide firefigher clock features a casted bronze fireman’s head, a squared black clock with bronze accents, and a black engraving plate. The shipping as well as the engraving on this item are both free. It would make a great gift to honor the service of your firefighter or would make the perfect addition to any firehouse wall as an award for the entire crew. We have something special for every firefighter. Whether full-time or volunteer, rookie or soon to be retired, be sure to take this opportunity to say thank you for all their hard work by placing your order today!