This past Saturday, June 11th Ruler on Ice pulled off one of the most spectacular upsets in recent horse racing memory.  The three year old Gelding horse was a 24-1 underdog, but in the he slushed through the final quarter mile of the race to pull of an amazing victory. 

Horse racing is one of the most unpredictable sports that gives us two to three of some of the most intense moments in our lives.  Because horse racing is such an unbelievable sport, Hit Trophy has added numerous horse statues and race horse statues for our customers to choose from.

We have two bronze horse statues that are dedicated solely to horse racing.  Those statues feature a race horse flying down the track with a jockey aboard the horse directing him where to go and when to make his move.  We also have a Sulky Racer Bronze Horse Statue for the people who love harness racing.  That horse statue depicts the horse pulling the cart and the jockey inside of the cart. 

If you are a lover of horse racing or maybe just a lover of horses, then be sure to check out our selection of horse statues!  Horse statues make for great awards for riding contest, horse shows and they even make for great personalized birthday gifts for the horse lover that you know.  Check them out today!