Rosewood Perpetual Plaque


P3760: 9″ x 12″ in Size (12 Plates)
P3762: 12″ x 15″ in Size (24 Plates)

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No Engraving Needed

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Showcase the achievements of the past and the present with one of our quality perpetual plaques, such as this rosewood stained engraved award plaque with piano finish. With a number of different brass plates, this award allows you to record the names of the winners and then pass the same plaque on when the next year’s awards ceremony rolls around. These P3760 & P3762 Rosewood Perpetual Plaques also work great for an employee of the month award, as well as any other great repeating award you might want to use it for. Along with its lasting appeal, this award, like all our perpetual plaques, will be engraved with whatever personal message you choose.

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