A basketball that is sitting still on a basketball court. In the background is a backboard, hoop & net and on the sides appears to be fans.Extraordinary achievements are worth celebrating, and it’s no different when it comes to the great game of basketball! 

Years of sweat, tears, and dedication go into those moments when a player or team breaks a record and makes history. That’s why preserving those records for future generations to remember and enjoy is so important. One of the best ways to showcase legendary basketball achievements is with a one of our basketball display cases. 

Our Basketball Display Cases are a classy, affordable way to pay tribute to a team’s or player’s remarkable accomplishments.

These cases transform a basketball into a showcase piece, allowing teams, individuals, or enthusiasts to proudly display their memorabilia and share their passion with others.

At Hit Trophy, we love basketball and love helping you treasure exciting moments from the game. Here are our favorite ways to use a basketball display case like ours.

Commemorate Amazing Moments in Basketball

Whether you’re looking to recognize an individual’s or team’s accomplishments, displaying the record-breaking basketball is the way to go! We’ve put together a list of the more popular occasions for creating a one-of-a-kind trophy with a basketball display case. 

Celebrate Individual Scoring Milestones

Fans, coaches, and players alike all pay attention to basketball statistics. Who was the top scorer? Who had the highest average points per game? These numbers are where records are made and broken! Displaying a basketball from these exciting moments gives credit to top-scoring basketball players. 

Use our Basketball Display Case to recognize all kinds of milestones. 

  • Players who score 1000 points in their career

It takes consistent, accurate shooting and lots of gameplay to hit this number in a basketball career! Not to mention, a player must avoid injury to play enough games to get to 1000 points. Undoubtedly, a player who reaches these heights deserves an award that highlights their scoring achievements. 

  • Players who break the school total-scoring record

Setting a school total-scoring record is no small feat! To accomplish this, a player must successfully compete against talented players across the generations. Racking up enough points to beat institutional records takes athletic talent and years of dedication. Of course, a player that beats a school’s total-scoring record impacts their high school, travel, or college teams as future players strive to break these milestones. These kinds of records have immense emotional and historical value.

  • Players with unforgettable single-game scoring records 

Lastly, a basketball display case is an terrific way to celebrate players with exceptional single-game scoring performances. As with all other scoring records, dominating the court in a single game takes high energy, athletic prowess, and disciplined consistency on and off the court. Single-scoring game stats are the stuff of legends! An outstanding performance sets the standard for future games and raises the bar for other players.  

In basketball, the impact of a top scorer can’t be denied. Many argue that basketball is likely the sport most influenced by one individual. With a basketball display case trophy, a player with that kind of impact on his or her team can enjoy memories of their hard work for years to come. 

Remember Championship Teams

Rick Pitino being carried off the court after he lead Boston University to their first ever NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament birth.

Rick Pitino being carried off after he lead Boston University to their first ever NCAA Tournament birth.

Want to celebrate your record-breaking basketball team? Using a basketball display case is a fantastic way to do just that! 

For these awards, have the players from the winning team sign a basketball. Then, show off the ball in our basketball display case, complete with a custom engraved plate showing the date and title of the event or the year of the record-winning season. 

A signed basketball makes a great trophy to celebrate:

  • an Undefeated Season like the 1975-1976 Indiana Hoosiers
  • the State Championship Team
  • the Conference Championship Team
  • Special Tournament Champs
  • …and more!

These long-lasting mementos make a great addition to a school or company trophy case. 

Show Off Valuable Autographed Basketballs 

A basketball display case featuring a round acrylic holder for the ball that is mounted on a wooden base. The base includes an engraving plate for personalization. The basketball display case is sitting on a table with chairs around it and a window in the background.

Basketball Display Case ALS41

Finally, a basketball display case is an absolute necessity if you have a valuable and historic autographed ball! If you’ve got a basketball signed by your favorite college or pro player, you MUST proudly preserve and display it!

There’s no denying the excitement of having a basketball autographed by a famous player. It’s like owning a piece of history. There’s something super special about having physical proof that a celebrity touched and signed an item.  

Because a signed basketball has deeply personal and sentimental value, it requires a unique way to preserve, protect, and display it. A customized acrylic display case like ours is the best way to enhance your autographed basketball experience. 

For basketballs signed by famous personalities, a display case safeguards the signatures from smudging, fading, or otherwise deteriorating. A quality case preserves the authenticity and value of the autograph. This is important because you want to be able to enjoy your precious collectible for years to come. A basketball display case will ensure you can pass down this special object from generation to generation. 

Don’t neglect the care and keeping of your autographed treasure! At Hit Trophy, we encourage basketball enthusiasts like you to invest in preserving your cherished memorabilia with a high-quality basketball display case.

The Perfect Display Solution for a Treasured Basketball 

A basketball display case with a round acrylic area to hold the ball. It's mounted on a larger wooden base that includes an engraving plate for personalization. The display case is sitting on a marble desk.

Basketball Display Case ALS42

Our Basketball Display Case is an amazingly affordable and high-quality solution for preserving your basketball memorabilia for years

Made from strong, crystal-clear acrylic and a solid wood base, our display case comes in two convenient sizes. You can choose the height and weight that best compliments your display area and needs. Our ALS41 model measures 13” tall and weighs a solid 5 lbs, while our larger ALS42 model stands at 16” tall and is slightly heftier at 6.5 lbs. Both sizes include a square base, with plenty of room for custom personalization on a classy gold engraving plate.

This display case perfectly fits a men’s regulation-size basketball. 

No matter what size option you need, our basketball display case is an exceptional value at an excellent price. 

Using an acrylic display case like ours has so many benefits: 

Protection from Dust and Dirt — Display cases provide a physical barrier that shields the basketball from accumulating dust, dirt, and other environmental elements that may degrade its appearance over time.

Prevention of Physical Damage — The case serves as a protective enclosure, guarding the basketball against accidental bumps, scratches, or other physical damage that can occur when the ball is left exposed.

Enhanced Visibility — The clear display case material ensures the basketball’s unobstructed visibility. Basketball enthusiasts can admire the item without compromising its protection.

Aesthetic Presentation — These display cases add elegance and professionalism to the basketball’s presentation. They complement the surrounding decor, making the item a focal point of attention.

Long-Term Storage — For collectors or institutions needing to store basketballs for an extended period, display cases offer a controlled and secure environment, ensuring that the item remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Preserve Special Basketball Memories 

There’s no doubt that using a display case to preserve a special basketball is a wise choice. Our Basketball Display Case combines protection, visibility, and aesthetic appeal to maintain the integrity and value of your basketball.

Whether you’re commemorating the significant achievements of a player or team or enshrining an autographed basketball keepsake — at Hit Trophy, we love to help you keep the legacy alive. Contact us to order your custom Basketball Display Case today.


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