Thank a police officer day

Thank A Police Officer Day was celebrated on September 16, 2023 & in 2024 it will be September 21st.

Hit Trophy wishes to thank those peace officers who are willing to sacrifice their own safety to protect us all.  To show our gratitude, some employees of Hit Trophy recently participated in Thank a Police Officer Day!

144 Officers Make the Ultimate Sacrifice

According to NPR, The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund claims 144 federal, state and local law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during 2018. The group’s data shows that 144 deaths is a rise in police deaths from 2017 when 129 officers died on the job. According to the group’s final report for 2018, that is a 12% increase from the previous year.

National Holiday Celebrates Officers

To salute all the major and minor sacrifices police officers make, The Whole Truth Project, an organization with a mission to support law enforcement officers, created a national holiday in 2012. Thank a Police Officer Day is a chance to celebrate law enforcement officers and all the hard work they do in service to this country. The nationwide holiday happens on the third Saturday in September each year.

In 2023, Thank a Police Officer Day will happen on September 16, but we at Hit Trophy encourage everyone to thank a peace officer anytime this year. In fact, we have many ways for you to show your appreciation to your favorite law enforcement agent who wears a shield.

Badges Can Become Great Gifts

Police Plaque HER103

Protect & Serve Police Plaque made with 1/4″ thick stainless steel.

Our catalog includes some traditional police officer shields which make fantastic tokens of appreciation. Take for example our Protect & Serve Police Plaque (item #HER103). A peace officer’s shield appears at the top of the plaque with a silver and black engraving plate below it. Or perhaps you could present our Sheriff Plaque (item #HER104) to your preferred patrol officer. Measuring 10.5” x 13”, a sheriff’s shield appears at the top of the plaque with a silver and black engraving plate below it. Our graphic artists will be honored to engrave either plaque, and all engraving is free.

Glass Shields Make Modern Gifts

Looking for a more modern shield to award your contemporary law enforcement officer? Take a look at our glass shields. We have two of them to offer. Our Glass Shield Award makes an exquisite award in the shape of an escutcheon with scalloped edges. This clear glass award comes in three sizes: FC41 = 4.25″ x 6.5”, FC42 = 5″ x 7.5″, and FC43 = 5.5″ x 8.25″, so you can choose the perfect present for your patrol officer. Our other glass shield is our Diamond Shield Glass Award. Ranging in sizes from nearly 8” (item GL182) to 6” (item GL180), this shield has a black glass base that supports a diamond shape balanced on its point.

Glass shield award for engraving personalization, mounted on black glass base, fc42, 7.5" tall, weighs 2.3 lbs

Glass Shield Award mounted on a black glass base

Both of these glass shields provide plenty of space for personalization and our skilled design team will burn your words of appreciation into the award by using our laser engravers. Thank a law enforcement agent, patrol officer, or county sheriff with either our Glass Shield Award or a Diamond Shield Glass Award. Both are priced below $40.

Blue Line Members Want Blue Badges

Want to add some color to the Thank a Police Officer gift you present? We have two blue shields for the men and women who create the thin blue line between crime and civilization. First, we offer our Blue Shield Award.  Created from a pane of blue glass, our blue shield has clear, beveled edges, and it stands on a blue block base. We provide this gift in three sizes (G2944 = 5″ x 8″, G2945 = 5.5″ x 8.75″, and G2946 = 6″ x 9.5″), so choose the size you desire. Our second blue shield is named the Aurora Blue Crystal Shield. This gorgeous gift has an aurora blue base that reflects a blue hue inside the piece. A shield shaped pane of crystal comes with beveled edges. Available in two sizes (item #CRY588 = 5″ x 7″ and item #CRY589 = 5.5″ x 8″), either size would make a great gift for those law enforcement personnel who wear a badge.

G294456 Blue Shield Glass Award

For the Blue Shield Award and the Aurora Blue Crystal Shield, our graphic artists will engrave any logo, mascot, or insignia, and all engraving comes free of charge.

Try a Traditional Scroll and Shield

Finally, one of our more popular shields is our Walnut Shield Plaque (item P164678). Having a traditional style, this shield has been carved from thick walnut. It features a black brass engraving plate with plenty of space Antique bronze covers a set of laurel leaves for decoration in each corner. This plaque comes in 3 sizes to choose from (item P1646 = 7″ x 9″, P1647 = 8″ x 10″ & P1648 = 9″ x 12″ Size)

Thank an Officer with a Gift from Hit Trophy

Did you participate in Thank a Police Officer Day?  If not, it is never too late to show your appreciation for those men and women who provide our safety day in and day out. Join us at Hit Trophy by thanking law enforcement officials. We offer many ways to show your appreciation including all of the gifts mentioned in the above paragraphs. In addition, check out our entire online catalog for other gift ideas such as police statues and patriotic items.

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