A silver metal basketball trophy with gold accents on the ball and a silver metal stem connecting the ball to the base. The base is a black wood base that includes an engraving plate for personalization.

Championship Basketball Trophy 1146

Basketball is a popular sport for people of all ages. Whether playing for fun or competing at a serious level, winning a trophy is always a special moment. And when the end of basketball season approaches, it’s time to celebrate with some hard-earned trophies!

But with so many different award options, choosing the right one for your special event, players, or team can be tough.

Here at Hit Trophy, we’ve been creating awards for years, so we know the kinds of trophies that are tried and true. Let our experience help you out! In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best basketball awards and how to choose the right one for you. 

Types of Basketball Trophies

If you’re on the fence about what kind of trophy to select, take a look at some of our recommended styles. 

Championship Trophies

A large Silver Basketball Trophy that measures 20" tall. It features a silver basketball at the top and a base that includes a black & silver engraving plate for personalization.

Silver Basketball Trophy RG5002

When you’re looking to reward the winning team at a competitive event, you need a trophy that displays absolute excellence. Championship trophies are prestigious awards — larger and heavier, and typically made of high-quality, eye-catching, shiny materials like gold, silver, or glass. While we’ve crafted many gorgeous trophies in our time, below are three of our favorites for celebrating a team that has achieved great heights.

If you’re searching for a less typical, attention-grabbing trophy, our Championship Basketball Trophy is worth reviewing. A standout piece measuring almost a foot and a half tall (17.25”), this magnificent award dominates any trophy case, evidence of the skill of the team who won it.

The gold-lined detailing on the basketball makes this piece pop, while the classic black base has plenty of room to engrave up to six lines of text or to feature a logo, mascot, or emblem. 

A high-quality, distinctive award like this one is a slam dunk! The Championship Basketball Trophy [1146] is the ultimate prize for the team that’s proven to be the best. 

Another excellent option for award-winning teams is our Silver Basketball Trophy. Towering over most other awards, this trophy stands proud at 20” and weighs 9 lbs, ensuring it will get noticed! 

Our Silver Basketball Trophy [RG5002] is made from strong, high-quality resin, then coated with gleaming silver metal. The base includes an engraving plate with plenty of space for up to four lines of personalized text. 

A frosted glass basketball on a glass stem that is mounted on a black glass base that includes an engraving plate for personalization.

Glass Basketball Trophy SMG102 & SBG105

The height and brilliance of this piece reflect the success of the team that earns it. You can rest assured that this trophy will stand as a testament to the winning team’s skill and dedication. 

Last but not least, our Glass Basketball Trophy is a fantastic option to award the champion basketball team that has won it all.

Classic yet versatile, this impressive award is made of solid, crystal-clear glass mounted on a contrasting black marble base. Basketball fans will appreciate the accurate basketball design, right down to the textured detail of its surface. The dark base provides a beautiful backdrop for an engraving plate, which can be customized with any text or logo free of charge. 

Better yet, this piece comes in two sizes! Choose a smaller 3 lb weight [SBG102], perfect for recognizing a winning coach or player. Or select the larger 15 lb size [SBG105], ideal for awarding the championship team. 

MVP Trophies and Individual Awards

Of course, no celebration of champions would be complete without recognizing the outstanding individual players on a team. Individual awards are the perfect way to reward a player’s hard work, perseverance, and leadership. These awards are typically a smaller and less expensive type of basketball trophy but are still a fun way to honor individual players’ accomplishments.

A crystal basketball trophy with a frosted, solid crystal basketball at the top, a 3-D male player in the middle and a clear crystal base that includes an engraving plate for personalization.

Crystal Basketball Trophy CRY211

A crystal basketball trophy with a frosted, solid crystal basketball at the top, a 3-D male player in the middle and a clear crystal base that includes an engraving plate for personalization.

Women’s Basketball Trophy CRY291

At Hit Trophy, we’ve created awards for all kinds of titles, such as:

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) 
  • Best Rebounder 
  • Top Scorer
  • Outstanding Team Leadership
  • Most Improved
  • #1 Coach

For individual awards such as these, we recommend choosing pieces like our stunning crystal trophies, customized for men and women. Affordable and distinctive, our Crystal Basketball Trophy for men and our Women’s Basketball Trophy are guaranteed to impress. An exclusive laser process creates a 3-D rendition of a player inside each dazzling crystal piece. A beautifully etched crystal basketball tops each award. 

The crystal base has plenty of space for a laser-engraved message. These striking pieces also come packed in a protective, presentation-ready, deluxe, velour-lined box. 

MVP or not, every player will feel like a legend holding one of these in their hands. You can’t go wrong with individual trophies like these!

Team Awards

Beyond the MVPs and star players, there are other ways to honor your squad’s achievements. Some other award styles available at Hit Trophy include:

Plaques: Customizable plaques are less commonly used for basketball awards but can be a great way to recognize an individual’s or team’s accomplishments. Made from wood or metal, you can choose from different colors and types of engraving plates. These customizable gems can showcase your team’s players or overall team records, ensuring their feats are remembered season after season. The possibilities are endless!

Trophy Cups: Cup-style trophies are another option for team or individual basketball awards. Timeless in shape and style, they can be crafted from a wide variety of metal or plastic for almost any price range. Standing tall and with an attractive shine, their elongated and elegant cup shape says “champion” from the get-go.

At Hit Trophy, we have a large selection of customizable gifts, because we want to ensure you find something that fits your needs. Our selection of plaques and options for trophy cups span almost any size, shape, or color you could want. Of course, you can contact us with any specific questions regarding the options you’re looking for.

Let Us Celebrate Basketball Season With You!

Choosing the right basketball trophy for your team, players, or coach is important. At Hit Trophy, we take pride in crafting awards that elevate sportsmanship, fuel healthy competition, and celebrate teamwork at every level. Whether you’re shopping for a school team, travel squad, or adult league — we’ll craft an award perfect for you. You can be assured you’ll have a favorite keepsake that people will enjoy for years.


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