Imagine a hot summer’s day: blue sky, a few fluffy white clouds, a hot breeze, the squirt of the sprinkler, lemonade, all the fixings on the picnic table…and the tantalizing smell and sizzling sound of burgers on the grill. 

A collage of cartoon-like drawn BBQ items such as a chef hat, grill, spatula, grilling fork & other grilling items.No doubt about it: Americans love summertime and barbecue. When the weather warms up, people can’t wait to pull out their grills and get to cooking up some good, old-fashioned BBQ. 

And who do we picture in front of the grill?


Yes, outdoor grilling in the summer season is a big part of the American tradition, and often when we think of barbecue, we think of dads, grandpas, and all the father figures in our lives. 

It’s no mistake that Father’s Day happens in June, just in time for the grilling season! Dad’s love to grill!

The History of Father’s Day

A link to YouTube video about Sonora Smart Dodd who is considered the "Mother of Father's Day."

Sonora Smart Dodd is considered the “Mother of Father’s Day.”

While we associate Father’s Day with summer and outdoor barbecue, it hasn’t always been that way. Believe it or not, Father’s Day hasn’t been around for that long.

According to the Library of Congress, Father’s Day was founded back in 1910, by Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman whose father was a Civil War veteran and single parent of six children. Sonora wanted to honor her father in the same way that mothers were being celebrated. Congress had considered bills to recognize fathers formally as far back as 1913, but nothing officially happened until President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June for the holiday in 1966. Even then, Father’s Day was only a proclamation. The special day wasn’t declared permanent until President Richard Nixon signed it into law as an official national holiday in 1972!

It’s hard to comprehend that it took 62 years to create an official holiday to commemorate the important role of fatherhood! Thankfully, as with grilling and summertime, celebrating Father’s Day has now become a regular and important tradition in American culture.

And the timing of the holiday couldn’t be more fitting. There is no better way to celebrate Dad than with barbecue! 

Tools of the BBQ Trade

So what does Dad or Grandpa need to grill up some vittles like a pro? It only takes a few simple tools:

  • A grill – charcoal, gas, or even electric: all types get the job done! Make sure the grill is the right size for the amount of food needed for the family or for entertaining. Grills come in all styles and shapes: from small, portable models to large, permanent installations for backyard patios and kitchens.
  • Tongs – useful for all kinds of things when cooking out! Of course, tongs are handy for putting items on the grill, turning the foods when needed without releasing juices, etc. But here’s another tip: tightly fold up a paper towel and dip it in oil, then use the tongs to brush the oiled towel over hot, clean grill grates before you start grilling to prevent meat and veggies from sticking to the grill.
  • Spatula – necessary for flipping those burger patties! Tongs or forks don’t work very well with hamburgers or other patties since they could cause the food to fall apart.
  • Fork – great for turning over large pieces of meat and for lifting those heavy steaks off the grill and onto the serving platter. Grill fork tines are designed so they won’t shred the meat when it is pierced.
  • Grill brush – keep the grill grates clean. Brush the grates before cooking and after. Steel bristles are great for stainless steel or cast iron grates, while brass bristles are more gentle on porcelain-coated grill grates.

Of course, beyond the basics, there are other fun accessories for the grill master and barbecue professional in your life: 

  • Basting brush – for keeping that meat coated with delicious sauce or marinade.
  • Grill basket – useful for grilling fish, vegetables, or anything small or delicate that’s difficult to cook directly on grill grates.
  • Instant-read thermometer – helpful for quickly checking the internal temperature of meats to ensure they are properly done and safe to eat.
  • Smoker box – for wood chips, to add that awesome, smoked taste and smell.
  • Chimney starter – for the serious charcoal griller, this device helps light charcoal more quickly, and without lighter fluid.
  • Mits and/or apron – helpful protective gear to keep Dad and Grandpa safe from the heat while manning the grill and for staying sauce and splatter-free.

Special BBQ Gifts for the Father Figures in Your Life

5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool that features a grill spatula, brush, corkscrew & other tools.

5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool

If your father, grandfather, or another father figure in your life loves to barbecue and cook out on the grill, BBQ-themed items make great Father’s Day presents!

BBQ gifts are practical and fun. Here at Hit Trophy, we have a few items that would make fabulous gifts for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day:

BBQ on the Go

If you’re looking for a fun and unexpected BBQ-related gift for your loved one, check out our 5 in 1 BBQ Multi Tool! This gift is optimal for travel: one handy device contains all the basics for grilling on the go, whether Dad is cooking out at a tailgate, campsite, vacation rental, or when broiling up burgers at an impromptu picnic. Like a Swiss army knife for grilling, this tool unfolds to reveal a spatula, fork, basting brush, wine bottle opener, and regular bottle opener. You can bet your dad will be impressed with this unique and useful gift!

A Unique Father’s Day Award

BBQ Grill Trophy featuring a grill and smoker on a black base that can be personalized for an event.

BBQ Grill Trophy BBQR02

Our gift selection wouldn’t be complete without an actual trophy! Show Dad that his barbecuing skills are unsurpassed with our affordable and one-of-a-kind BBQ Trophy. This award is a miniature replica of an offset smoker grill, mounted on a black base that can be engraved (for free!) with a name or special Father’s Day message. The trophy comes in two whimsical sizes: choose from a smaller 1.2 lb model that stands 6” tall and 4.5” wide, or a larger 2.6 lb version, measuring 9” tall and 5.25” wide. This gift is sure to surprise and delight Dad or Grandfather. You won’t find anything like this at your local big-box retailer.

Customized BBQ Tool Sets for Dad

Personalized Barbecue Set BBQ01 with a laser engravable top and 3 tools: A spatula, tongs & a grilling fork.

Personalized Barbecue Set BBQ01

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a quality, personalized BBQ tool set. We offer a variety of sets that can be customized with a name, message, or picture for the special dad or grandfather in your family. All of our sets come with a spatula, tongs, and grill fork contained within a convenient storage and carrying case. Your dad or grandfather will feel so appreciated to receive one of these gifts:

Personalized Barbecue Set – The pinewood case and utensil handles on this toolset give a natural and clean feel to this gift. This BBQ set is perfectly suited for the strong, reliable, no-fuss father figure in your life.

Metal BBQ Tool Set  – This stainless steel and industrial-style tool set is ideal for a grill master who likes durability and easy cleanup! The modern, aluminum case can be customized with our full-color process, allowing many options for a personalized message or design that will “wow” Dad or Grandad.

Rosewood BBQ Tool Set – Have a more refined gift in mind? This gorgeous, rosewood polished set is just right for a distinguished, professional father or grandfather. Both the carrying case and individual utensil handles can be engraved to give an even more refined and customized look.

Rosewood BBQ Grilling Set shown open with a spatula on the top side and the tongs & grilling fork on the bottom.

Rosewood BBQ Tool Set

Bamboo BBQ Set – Last but not least, this BBQ tool set is great for the dad who cares about the sustainability of the environment. Bamboo is known for its fast growth, pest resistance, and biodegradability, making this case and its utensils as environmentally friendly as it is contemporary in style.

We at Hit Trophy want to give a shout out to all the hard-working father figures out there and let you know there’s no need to get Dad another tie or coffee mug this Father’s Day! We encourage you to consider making Father happy with a fun and practical BBQ gift instead. And if, by chance, the dad in your life already owns all the latest and greatest BBQ accessories, check out some of our other exclusive and nontypical gift ideas. Hit Trophy has other exceptional, customizable gifts — picture frames, clocks, awards, and more — that can make this Father’s Day an extra special one. We pride ourselves in finding one-of-a-kind items that will truly make special gifts for every person and every occasion.


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