Memorial Day first started as back in the Civil War days as a way to honor both Union and Confederate soldiers who died.  After World War II, Memorial Day was extended to recognizing all soldiers who gave their lives in any war, not just the Civil War.  While it was originally called “Decoration Day, it wasn’t until 1967 when Memorial Day was officially given its name of “Memorial Day.”  Today most people celebrate Memorial Day by attending memorial services, most of which take place at cemeteries of their fallen soldiers, but there are other ways to remember and show your respect for your loved ones all year round. One of those ways would be with personalized military awards.

HitTrophy.com has a wide selection of military awards to choose from and one of the most appropriate gifts for Memorial Day that we offer would be one of our Flag Display Cases.  We have 5 different memorial flag display cases to choose from that are made from either rosewood or walnut wood.  One of our most impressive flag display cases would be our Memorabilia & Memorial Flag Display Case.  This item gives its recipient the opportunity to display both the American flag and also any medals or awards that they received during their time of duty.

We also offer many other patriotic gifts to choose from that include eagle statues, military statues, eagle plaques, military picture frames and other patriotic plaques to choose from.  These military awards can be personalized with a loving message, which makes them a perfect way to remind yourself of the ones you’ve lost or for the current soldier that’s in your family.  This Memorial Day we encourage you to attend a memorial service and show your appreciation for the ones who have given their lives to defend our country and our freedoms.