Here’s a riddle for those of you who remember your basic geometry: In high school, what triangle was liked by all the girls? Give up? Acute triangle was liked by all the girls.

If you remembered your high school geometry, you probably figured out the answer. You may remember that there are seven types of triangles. According to Factmonster.com, the seven triangles are scalene, equilateral, isosceles, equiangular, right, obtuse, and, of course, the acute triangle.

But here’s a news flash! Hit Trophy has discovered five other types of triangles, and we are not joking. We call them our Triangular Trophies. These trophies have contemporary styling and have put a new twist in the world of trophies.

Each trophy is constructed with a thick, black acrylic base which supports the upright award. The trophy body consists of a 5/8” thick piece of transparent acrylic in the shape of a triangle. The clear geometric shape provides plenty of space for personalizing. Our design team can place graphics, logos, and text into this space for you, and we will engrave your accolade free of charge. We will even email you a proof of how your trophy will appear before we engrave it, so that you may make any additions, corrections, or revisions before we ship the trophy to you.

Silver Triangle TrophyThese trophies come in five different colors. Our Blue Triangle Trophy (iMP801B) is the perfect gift for the person who reaches for the blue sky in your organization. A sky blue border surrounds the three sides of the trophy which stands 6” x 7”. Want a slightly larger version of the trophy? You can order item number iMP802B for our 6” x 8” trophy.

Red symbolizes passion! Our Red Triangle Trophy (iMP801R) has a ribbon of red around its perimeter, and it is an ideal way to reward people who are passionate about their work. This trophy also comes in a larger size (iMP802R).

Whether it is the athlete, banker, or investor, everyone strives for gold and silver in our society. It makes sense to offer tributes to top achievers using the same colors. That’s why we have our Gold Triangle Trophy (iMP801G) and our Silver Triangle Trophy (iMP801S).

Finally, if you have trouble choosing a color, why not get them all? We offer all the colors of the rainbow with our Rainbow Triangle Trophy (iMP801RBW). This 6” x 7” triangle contains a rainbow border. You won’t find a pot of gold at either end of this rainbow trophy, but you can get a larger size (6” x 8”) by ordering item iMP802RBW.

Okay, here’s one last riddle to test your triangle knowledge. What type of triangle makes things disappear? The Bermuda Triangle! Unlike the famous Bermuda Triangle, our Triangle Trophies will make memories that never disappear. Order one today at Hit Trophy today!