Each year Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th and this federal holiday is used to honor all military veterans. It doesn’t matter what branch of the Armed Forces that you’re from, as long as a person has dedicated time and service to this country then this day is used to celebrate everything that he or she has given to America. Unfortunately there are those who have given their lives for the better of not only our country, but also others. We here at Hit Trophy solute all veterans and we know that we offer nothing that can truly, fully recognize veterans for what they have done, but we do hope that some of our military awards and patriotic gifts do bring a smile to our soldiers.

Of all of our military awards, it is our selections of eagle statues that are by far the most popular. When it comes to our eagle statues we have close to 20 different styles to choose from. They also come in 3 different colors such as gold, silver and bronze. All of our eagle statues have a base that they sit on and this base is perfect for an engraving plate that can be personalized with your choice of text and/or logo. These eagle statues have been used by the military for recognition awards, veterans awards, eagle scout awards and many other patriotic gifts.

Another style of patriotic gifts that are popular on our website is our collection of military statues. We currently have 11 different styles of military statues to choose from, but we continue add more all of the time. If you’re looking for a certain branch of the armed forces we do offer branch specific statues for Army, Marines, Navy and the Air Force. Of these it is our marine statue that is the most popular statue that is purchased. There are also more generalized solider statues that you can choose from that pertain mostly to Army and the Marines.

If you’re not sure what sort of award you want to give our or if you have a lot of text and a logo that you’d like to fit on an engraving plate, then perhaps you should view our military plaques section. There you’ll find an array of different patriotic plaques that include eagle plaques, flag plaques and other stars and stripes plaques. One of our newest items to this section is our USMC Marine Plaque. This plaque is made with a smooth and glossy piano finished walnut board, a black brass engraving plate and a casted marine logo.

Lastly, for our veterans and the relatives that they have left behind we have our flag display cases. If you have regular 3’ x 5’ flag that you’d like to display in a case, then we have both rosewood and walnut cases for you to choose with. We also have display cases for the larger memorial flags that measure 5’ x 9’ in size. All of these cases can be personalized on the side of them with your choice of a black brass, gold brass or silver aluminum plating.

As you can see, it really doesn’t matter what patriotic holiday that you’re celebrating, Hit Trophy most likely will have something for you to reward your soldier or veteran with. We appreciate our soldiers and the work that they do for us each and every day. On this upcoming Veterans Day we will gladly show our support and gratitude for what they have done for us. Thank you veterans!