A photo of Cory Harrison of the TV Show Pawns Stars. He's sitting at a bar with a cigar in his hand. He has a clean shaven beard, slicked back hair, tattoos on his arms and a watch on his left hand.

Cory Harrison of the TV Show “Pawn Stars”

On a recent episode of the TV show “Pawn Stars” Corey Harrison was offered an automotive hood ornament. As a co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Corey told the prospective seller that his pawn shop could not legally purchase automotive parts; however, if the prospective seller called the item for sale something else, like a paperweight, Corey could purchase the item.

Bottom line: Corey Harrison purchased a “paperweight” shaped like a 1940’s Cadillac hood ornament for $80.

This transaction made us at Hit Trophy curious. What exactly is a paperweight?

Dictionary Defines “Paperweight”

According to Dictionary.com, a paperweight is “a small, heavy object of glass, metal, etc., placed on papers to keep them from scattering.” The website goes on to explain the term came into existence around 1855.

We at Hit Trophy don’t necessarily agree with Dictionary.com because we offer dozens of them that do so much more than just hold papers in place.

Hit Trophy Offers Many Uses for our Paperweights

A rectangle crystal paperweight with beveled edges on the sides. In the middle is a laser engraved version of the Lightfoot Travel logo.

Crystal Rectangle Paperweight CRY6612

For example, our Crystal Rectangle Paperweight makes an elegant nameplate on someone’s desk. Made with 13/16″ thick crystal, the oblong treasure makes a sophisticated way to announce the owner’s name, title, and institution’s name. Our graphic artists can engrave up to three lines of text on the rectangle, so there is plenty of room. Our Crystal Rectangle Paperweight (item CRY6612) makes an ideal way to announce someone’s identity while promoting the company by including the corporate logo.

Present Personalized Paperweights as Gifts

A round crystal paperweight that is 3/4" thick. A logo for New Hope Youth Center is laser engraved on the bottom.

Round Crystal Paperweight CRY1545

Another use includes using them as a thoughtful gift.  Our Round Crystal Paperweight (item # CRY1545) is an attractive desk accessory. This circle of nearly 1” thick crystal measures 3” x 3” and weighs about 1 pound, and the top of this item makes a great engraving area. Our gifted graphic artists will reproduce any image you would like to place on this perfect present, and by personalizing the item, it will make it even more special to the recipient.

Inspire People with our Paperweights

A 7/8" thick Crystal Pentagon Paperweight. On the back a company logo and words of appreciation are laser engraved for a sales representative.

Crystal Pentagon Paperweight CRY7131

Paperweights may also be used as motivational items. For example, if your group has a person of the month, our Crystal Pentagon Paperweight makes a terrific tribute for that person. We can engrave your organization’s logo on this 3″ x 3″ chunk of crystal. Our designers will use the latest in laser technology to duplicate your group’s insignia as well as placing the person’s name, a date, and the reason for the tribute. Made with a 7/8″ thick crystal slab and weighing almost 8 pounds, item CRY7131 can create camaraderie and inspire people within your organization.

Reward Success with our Paperweights

A 4" x 4" Crystal Star Paperweight made form 7/8" thick crystal. It has a logo for the New York Life company laser engraved in the back of it for decoration.

Crystal Star Paperweight K9251

Finally, paperweights can act as awards. Forget the tired old trophy or uninspiring plaque. Give one in the shape of a star to reward a superior achievement. Our Crystal Star Paperweight is a freestanding award created from 7/8” thick crystal. It stands nearly a half a foot tall so it is bound to capture the attention of anyone passing by. Known as item K9251 in our catalog and costing $29.90, this astronomical piece will make anyone feel special when presented this paperweight. For slightly less money ($17.90), our Acrylic Star Paperweight has similar dimensions as our crystal star. Both make a great accolade to celebrate the accomplishments of someone you know.

Hit Trophy Has Creative Awards and Gifts with Customized Service

So what is a paperweight? Unlike Cory Harrison of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Hit Trophy does not have a “paperweight” shaped like a 1940’s Cadillac hood ornament. What we do have are many that have a multitude of uses besides just holding down loose papers. Whether you use them as a nameplate, an inspirational tool, an award, or as a personal gift, all of our paperweights come with free engraving, and many come with a deluxe gift box. Plus, all of our products come with friendly service from our family owned business. Order something today and see for yourself.


Tim Friend has written news and entertainment articles for AXS.com, Examiner.com, and many regional publications. He also writes advertising copy for companies including Hit Trophy. In addition to his writing credits, he has three decades of experience teaching journalism and communication.