A Captain's Clock made with a mahogany finish. The lid has a round, black engraving plate with the Department of State logo laser engraved into it. The bottom of the box features a gold clock that can swivel with the knobs that stick out the sides.

Captain’s Clock BC73

Why Captain’s Clocks are the Latest Great Gift

“I am definitely going to take a course on time management … just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.” 

~ Louis E. Boone

There’s a reason we chuckle at a quote like that…because there’s never enough time to get to everything we want or need to do! Our work, meals, and even fun activities are ruled by the time of day. Our lives revolve around the clock. There are clocks on our cell phones, desktop screens, appliances, mantelpieces, walls…and even in our cars.

We can’t avoid them. 

So if we spend our days watching the clock nonstop, we might as well use a beautiful clock! 

Here at Hit Trophy, we offer many attractive clocks. And some of our best-selling gift items are our Captain’s Clocks. 

What is a Captain’s Clock?

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”

~ Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

A Captain’s Clock is a style of clock that harkens back to the timepieces used by ship captains long ago.

Originally, the “clocks” used aboard ships were called marine chronometers. They were precision timepieces used to determine the ship’s position. Accurate knowledge of the time was vital for effective navigation over a long sea voyage. In the 18th century, these devices determined longitude by comparing Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) with the time at the current location (by observing the stars and planets). Until these chronometers were developed, the best timekeepers were pendulum clocks, but the rolling of a ship at sea and variations in Earth’s gravity made them useless. A man named John Harrison spent 31 years developing the first true chronometer. These devices were housed in wooden boxes, making it easier for captains to take them from ship to ship for navigation.

And there you have it: a Captain’s Clock.



Why Do Captain’s Clocks Make Such Great Gifts?

Nowadays, “Captain’s Clock” refers to a nautical-style clock, often encased in a distinguished, polished wood box, with clock face housings of brass or silver.

Captain’s Clocks are ideal gifts for all kinds of occasions and purposes. Whether you want to recognize someone for excellence, honor a retiree, or give a memorable and distinctive anniversary gift, a captain’s clock can fit the bill.

Here are 5 reasons we recommend these unique clocks as gifts:

  • Everyone needs a clock! 

When you give someone a clock, it’s unlikely that it will sit in a closet gathering dust somewhere. People always need to know the time, so if a clock is elegant and beautiful, it’s more likely to be used and displayed.

  • A traditional timepiece is a nice change of pace from our digitized world of cell phone, tablet, and desktop computer clocks. 

The recipient will appreciate being able to tell the time without staring at a glowing screen.

  • Captain’s Clocks keep great time! 

Many of our clocks have lifetime-guaranteed quartz movement.

  • These clocks are versatile. 

Our stylish Captain’s Clock pieces blend well with any decor. Classic in design, these gifts come encased in wood boxes available in various polished finishes, from piano black to rosewood or mahogany. Choose from brass, gold, or silver-style clock faces with Roman or Arabic numerals. We’ve got Captain’s Clocks with a formal, casual, or nautical feel. You’re sure to find a piece that will fit the recipient’s personality.

  • Captain’s Clocks are practical.

Contained in a protective box, these gifts are great for someone who likes to travel or whose work takes them from place to place. We even have smaller Captain’s Clock options: simply snap the lid shut, toss it in a bag or suitcase, and you have a gorgeous piece from home, ready to go.

A captain's clock made with a rosewood box with a silver engraving plate in the top for personalization. The bottom of the box features a silver skeleton clock that can be swiveled with the handles on each side.

Skeleton Captain’s Clock 5303RC

Find One for Any Style: the Variety of Captain’s Clocks

Are you ready to give the gift of time but not sure where to start? Take a look at some of our most popular Captain’s Clock gifts:

[Insert image of the Skeleton Captain’s Clock here]

Skeleton Captain’s Clock — This sophisticated clock is our best-selling Captain’s Clock, and it’s easy to see why! This piece features intricately designed, shining silver clockworks viewable through crystal clear glass. The clock is housed inside a handsome, black-accented rosewood box. Our Skeleton Captain’s Clock [5303RC] also includes a silver engraving plate inside the lid, allowing for personalization with a name or message. This timepiece is captivating and elegant indeed. 

On the left is our Small Captain's Desk Clock open. It shows a white clock face with gold accents. There's also gold metal knobs on each side and the top of the inside of the box is lined with black velour. On the right is the same clock, but it is closed. It's showing off the black & gold brass engraving plate with a logo of a company laser engraved into it.

Small Captain’s Desk Clock BC948

Captain’s Clock — If mahogany and brass are more of the style you’re looking for, you’ll be delighted with this tasteful, traditional-style captain’s clock [BC73]. A brass-accented, hand-rubbed mahogany box opens to reveal a 

stunning Roman numeral clock face. The inside lid includes a black engraving plate, customizable with your name, logo, or special message. Our basic Captain’s Clock makes a gorgeous and impressive gift.

A captain's clock made with piano finished rosewood in an octagon shaped box. The inside is lined with green felt and features a white face clock with a gold bezel. The clock can swivel with the use of the gold knobs on the outside of the box.

Octagon Captain’s Clock Q229

Small Captain’s Desk Clock — This clock is small but mighty! This particular captain’s clock has a formal and polished feel, but its reduced size (3.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.88″) means it fits easily in smaller spaces. Its white clock face is easy to read. When shut, the clock box also features a striking black and brass plate on the top lid for personalization. Batteries and lifetime guaranteed quartz movement are included, making this small captain’s clock the perfect present for someone constantly on the go [BC948]!

Octagon Captain’s Clock An eye-catching octagon shape, gold trim, and luxurious green felt lining make this captain’s clock a one-of-a-kind gift. The piano-finished rosewood box also includes a gold engraving plate mounted on the outside lid of the box. Free custom engraving and free shipping on this beautiful timepiece mean you’ll get even more bang for your buck! Nautical gift lovers will adore this exceptional clock [Q229].

If you’ve got a special occasion approaching and need an extraordinary gift, consider a Captain’s Clock. You can’t go wrong when you give one of these dignified clocks. We’d love to personalize one of these impressive timepieces for your personal or corporate event!


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