A photo of Derek Jeter in his Yankee's uniform as he raises his helmet to the crowd.

Derek Jeter in his Yankees Uniform

A Person’s Reputation Is Tied to Their Name

Most people, especially baseball fans, recognize the name “Derek Jeter” immediately.

During the two decades Derek Jeter played with the New York Yankees, he won numerous awards including American League Rookie of the Year (1996), the Gold Glove Award (five times) and the Silver Slugger Award (five times). As a World Series Champion with the Yankees five times (including World Series MVP in 2009), he gained a reputation for being a reliable player. In fact, sports writers gave him many nicknames including “Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November” because of his outstanding play in the postseason.

Since his retirement from playing baseball in 2014, Jeter has pursued business interests, including publishing, and recently he finalized a deal to become co-owner of the Miami Marlins. As one of the most heavily marketed athletes of his generation, Jeter is still involved in several product endorsements, and he takes great pride in the merchandise and businesses to which he lends his name.

“If I put my name on something, I’m going to be involved,” he told the New York Times. “I’m not just going to put my name on it and not pay attention.”

Displaying Names at Work Changes Attitudes

Our Smoked Glass Desk Name Plate laser engraved with a name, sitting on a desk with a light brick background.

Our Smoked Glass Desk Name Plate GK15

Like Jeter, when people have their name associated to something, three things happen. The person takes ownership, the person becomes more motivated to succeed, and the person develops a sense of pride. That’s why we think it so important for you, your employees, and your colleagues to display their names at work.

You could use name tags or distribute business cards, but nothing makes more of a permanent impression than one of our prestigious nameplates.

Take for example our Smoked Glass Desk Nameplate, item GK15. It makes a luxurious way to announce your name and job title, so it is an excellent accessory for any executive or professional’s office desk. Mounted on a black base with brushed aluminum accents on either side, it measures 2.5″ x 9.5″ and comes with free engraving. Our graphic arts department will laser engrave the name and title onto the plate for you so that it is ready to be placed on a desk as soon as it is received. The tinted smoked glass gives a luxurious and sophisticated style to the nameplate.

If you are looking for a contemporary style, look no farther than our Deluxe Glass Name Plate, item GNP01. This classy nameplate takes the traditional item and updates it for the 21st century. Instead of using wood or plastic, our modern nameplate features a thick pane of beveled glass as a base.

Two silver aluminum pegs hold a beveled 3” x 9” glass pane vertically for engraving. Our design team will use laser engravers to cut up to two lines of text onto the plate. Give us the person’s name and a job title and we will engrave them for free. Our contemporary Deluxe Glass Name Plate will make employees proud to display their names on this sleek and chic desk ornament.

If you wish to motivate your personnel, but your budget is limited, we offer two inexpensive, yet distinctive nameplates. The first is our Black Glass Name Plate (item G2788) at $34.99, and it will present your staff’s monikers to your associates, clients, or students. Created from a 3/8” thick pane of glass with a black background and silver accents, this reasonably priced desk accessory has a solid slab of glass. The base holds the plate upright, and the nameplate will hold up to two lines of text. Engraving is free, and so is the deluxe gift box that comes with it. Give one as a gift to all of your employees or treat yourself to this spectacular desk accessory.

Our Black Glass Name Plate features a black area for laser engraving personalization inside of a mostly jade glass name plate. It's laser engraved with the name Anthony Giampaolo. It's 10" long, weighs 2 lbs. & includes free engraving.

Black Glass Desk Name Plate G2788

Our second economical nameplate is our GL79, Personalized Glass Desk Nameplate. At $34.99, this stylish desk fixture has a glass base with two silver grooves to hold a rounded glass piece that acts as an engraving area. Our gifted graphic artists will place up to two lines of text on the plate, and of course all of our engraving is included in the price of the item.

Our Nameplates Make People Proud

Help your employees perform like Derek Jeter. Give them a sense of ownership and pride in their job while motivating them to set their standards high. Put their name on one of our nameplates. View our complete collection of desk name plates today!