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  • A6575 Acrylic Award

    Arched Rosewood Acrylic Award

  • BC874 Art Deco Clock

    Art Deco Clock

  • RFB308 Baseball Statue

    Baseball Statue with Glass Plate

  • RFB298 Basketball Statue

    Basketball Statue with Glass Plate

  • Black Mantel Clock T304

    Black Mantel Clock

  • Shield shaped piece of glass with blue & gold accents on the side, GL63 GL64 GL65 Blue & Gold Glass Award

    Blue And Gold Accented Glass Award

  • Blue Art Sculpture ASA004

    Blue Art Sculpture Award

  • Bronze eagle statue with glass engraving plate on a black base, RFB806 is 9" tall, Weighs 5 lbs.

    Bronze Eagle Sculpture With Glass Engraving Plate

  • CRY147 Golf Trophy

    CRY147 Silver Metal Golfer

  • Eagle On Globe RFB157

    Eagle On Globe

  • RFB064 Firefighter Statue With Glass Engraving Plate

    Firefighter Statue With Glass Engraving Plate

  • RFB297 Football Statue

    Football Statue with Glass Plate

  • G2000 Glass Perpetual Award

    Glass Perpetual Award

  • Gold Art Sculpture ASA005

    Gold Art Sculpture Award

  • RWG88 Clock

    Gold Column Rosewood Clock

  • RFB083 Golf Statue

    Golf Statue with Glass Plate

  • A6542 Hexagon Acrylic Award

    Hexagon Acrylic Award

  • T361 Black Desk Clock

    Horizontal Black Desk Clock

  • Red Alder Clock RA061

    Horizontal Red Alder Clock

  • T061 Rosewood Desk Clock

    Horizontal Rosewood Clock

  • BC48 Desk Clock

    Horizontal Rosewood Desk Clock

  • A6432 A6434 Tidal Acrylic Award

    Horizontal Tidal Acrylic Award

  • BC919 Clock

    Lifetime Guaranteed Rosewood-Piano Finished Clock

  • Napoleon Clock BC901

    Napoleon Clock

  • EX102 Silver Skeleton Clock

    Oval Silver Skeleton Clock

  • RFB153 Police Statue With Glass Engraving Plate

    Police Statue With Glass Engraving Plate

  • A6802 Rosewood Flame Acrylic Award

    Rosewood Flame Acrylic Award

  • RWS78 Clock

    Silver Column Rosewood Clock

  • GK37 Silver Pillar Desk Clock

    Silver Pillar Clock