Do you know the significance of May 4? Many recognize this day as Star Wars Day (May the “fourth” be with you)! 

But this day is also notable for another reason: it’s International Firefighters’ Day.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), firefighter departments received over 36 million emergency calls in 2021 alone!

That number represents many courageous men and women who rushed to respond to emergencies, from fires to medical aid to dealing with hazardous materials. 

International Firefighters’ Day was created to ensure we set aside time to salute firefighters worldwide, past and present.

Firefighters: The Bravest Among Us

The more you think about what firefighters face, the more you realize how much they should be revered and rewarded for their work. 

Their jobs require immense physical and mental strength and stamina. Like the police or military forces, firefighting men and women often get up close and personal with tragedy and intense situations. While most people run from danger, firefighters run into it.

  • Firefighters not only rush into burning buildings: they also contend with wildfires, explosions, and hazardous material incidents. 
  • Firefighters are essential rescue personnel, providing medical aid for any and every situation, from car accidents to earthquakes to collapsing buildings. 
  • Firefighters act as educators, too. They help spread fire safety and emergency response information by visiting schools and participating in community events.

These men and women deserve recognition for their dedication, selflessness, and commitment to protecting their communities.

A Day to Recognize Firefighters

In 1999, after five firefighters lost their lives boldly combating a massive wildfire in Australia, International Firefighters Day was

This is a firefighter statue with a glass engraving plate. It features a bronze firefighter with a hose on his left shoulder, an axe in his right hand & helmet on his head. To his left is a 4" x 6" glass engraving plate that is there to be personalized with laser engraving or full color.

Firefighter Statue With Glass Engraving Plate RFB154

established. May 4, the feast day of St. Florian (the patron saint of firefighters), was chosen as the annual date for this noteworthy day. International Firefighter’s Day pays tribute to the noble firefighting profession and celebrates the everyday heroes who serve communities worldwide.

At Hit Trophy, we believe showing appreciation to these people is vital, and Firefighter Appreciation Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate them. 

In honor of this special day, we’re highlighting a few stunning awards perfect for recognizing the brave firefighters in our communities.

Show Your Appreciation: Firefighter Awards 

Cities, townships, schools, and local community groups often hold commemorative ceremonies and events to reward those who’ve given their lives in public service as full-time or volunteer firefighters. Presenting these service men and women with personalized gifts helps them know their hard work is deeply appreciated and not taken for granted.

Trophy Spotlight: 4 Perfect Choices for Firefighting Heroes

To help you find one-of-a-kind gifts for your local firefighting staff, we’ve highlighted some of our top picks for honoring firefighters. Of course, we have many more styles available at a wide range of price points. If you’d like to browse more options, check out our entire collection of firefighter plaques, trophies, and other awards.

Firefighter Statue With Glass Engraving Plate

Giving a gift like this makes it clear that the recipient is a modern-day superhero. 

This trophy depicts a beautifully designed replica of a firefighter stepping forward with determination to help those in trouble. The figure carries the tools of the trade: an ax and a fire hose, and the classic emblem of the firefighter, the Maltese Cross, sits at the base of a shiny glass engraving plate.

The elegant glass plate allows plenty of room for the hero’s name and title to be etched into the piece, forever memorializing their sacrificial service.

Perfect for rewarding exemplary service or a particular act of bravery, this Firefighter Statue With Glass Engraving Plate [RFB154] is an affordable, well-crafted, and classy gift to commend any dedicated firefighter.

Maltese Cross Clock

Our Maltese Cross Clock features a black clock with a gold outline of a Maltese Cross on the left and a black & gold engraving plate on the right. The engraving plate is there to be personalized for the recipient. It's been used a lot for firefighter retirement gifts, years of service & other recognition awards.

Maltese Cross Clock AT36

Clocks make fantastic gifts to award significant milestones of service! 

Not only are clock gifts practical, but they also celebrate the minutes, hours, days, and years that someone has dedicated to their profession.

If you’re looking for a unique piece to recognize a long-time firefighter in your community or a gift to celebrate a retiring firefighter’s many years of service, our Maltese Cross Clock [AT36] is an ideal choice. 

Made from high-quality walnut, this distinguished wall clock highlights the shape of the Maltese Cross, the universal symbol for the firefighting vocation. A large black and brass plate highlights any name, title, or message. Measuring 18” wide by 12” tall and delivered in a deluxe gift box, this piece won’t go unnoticed! 

Any firefighter would be delighted to receive this timeless piece.

Firefighter Bell

Our Firefighter Bell features an intricately detailed, true cast bronze bell that is mounted on a genuine walnut base with a black & gold engraving plate.

Firefighter Bell AT11

Bells ring the alarm…but they also ring in celebration! Our stunning Firefighter Bell trophy [AT11] is an extraordinary piece to commemorate a firefighter’s heroic actions, especially on Firefighter Appreciation Day!

This trophy, featuring a real, working, bronze-cast bell, is as distinctive as the person who receives it! A firefighter-red tassel hangs from the clapper while a stately eagle perches atop the intricately engraved bell. A handsome walnut base has plenty of room for a recipient’s name or customized message.

This unique bell is the perfect tribute to reward a retiring firefighter, recognize the efforts of a volunteer firefighter, or pay tribute to a deceased firefighter. 

Antique Fire Extinguisher Trophy

Finally, our Antique Fire Extinguisher Trophy is the premier award for the extra-heroic service of a firefighter or firefighting department.

A bronze Antique Fire Extinguisher Trophy. The detailed artwork on the front depicts a classic steamer Maltese Cross and the artwork on the back shows a old steamer at a fire scene. It's mounted on a solid walnut base that includes a black brass engraving plate that laser engraves gold.

Antique Fire Extinguisher Trophy AT25

Standing 14.5” tall on a solid, polished walnut base, this magnificent piece is like nothing you’ve seen before. Modeled after an antique fire extinguisher, the front bears an intricate Maltese Cross design, while the back shows an antique steamer in action. Along the side, a fierce eagle’s head holds a fire hose in its mouth. A brass engraving plate provides a distinguished space for custom engraving for the occasion.

The detail on this trophy is unsurpassed. If you’re looking to reward a firefighter or firefighting team for going above and beyond the imaginable, this is the piece for you. Such an exquisite gift guarantees the honored firefighters will be respected and remembered for years to come.

Firefighters, Thank You for Your Service!

At Hit Trophy, we’re beyond grateful for the men and women who serve our communities as firefighters. 

We acknowledge the sacrifices firefighters make—day in and day out—to keep our towns and cities safe. We believe it’s essential to provide beautiful, high-quality pieces to reward these brave firefighting personnel and volunteers. If anyone deserves special recognition, it’s our firefighters!

So mark May 4 as Firefighter Appreciation Day on your calendars and remember to thank a firefighter for their service. And if you’re looking for a gift to show appreciation to your local firefighters, take a look at our large selection of firefighter-themed plaques, trophies, statues, clocks, and more

We’d be honored to craft a beautiful gift to recognize your community heroes.

Thank you, firefighters! 


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