Americans spent over $691 billion between November and December of 2017 for the winter holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, that number is a new record for the United States, and it exceeded the NRF’s predictions. If you include spending for the winter holiday of Valentine’s Day ($18.2 billion), Americans spent almost $710 billion during the winter of 2017-18. Obviously, we spend massive amounts of money for gifts during the winter, but do you know what season is the second most popular season for gift giving in the United States?

Americans Give Gifts As The Weather Warms

If you guessed the spring, you are correct!

The spring ranks as the second most popular season to give gifts. Consider the reasons behind this phenomenon. Spring time for 2018 occurs between the dates of March 20-June 21 in the U.S., and many holiday celebrations happen during those spring months. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are far more popular than Valentine’s Day, and the amount we spend supports the idea. For the two holidays together, we spend over $35 billion combined. Just for Mother’s Day alone, we spent over $21 billion compared to the $18 billion spent on Valentine’s Day according to figures gathered by the NRF.

Don’t forget Easter! Although the exact date of Easter may be different from year to year, the holiday always happens in the spring, and Americans always breakout their cash to give gifts. Eighty-one percent of Americans celebrated Easter, and the NRF estimates we spent $18.2 billion during the holiday for candy, cards, clothes, and other items like flowers. On average we each spent about $150 per person.

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Besides the holidays, a number of special occasions occur during the spring. Birthdays, retirements, and especially weddings are all events connected to the months of April, May and June. But the most common special event in spring is the graduation of young people. Whether it is a high school commencement or a college graduation, both events are celebrated, and gifts may be part of the celebration. In 2017, the NSF estimated Americans spent nearly $6 billion in graduation gifts.

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