Can you remember what you did in September of 2001? Obviously everyone remembers the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. If you’re a sports fan then perhaps you remember Michael Jordan making an announcement stating that he would come out of retirement to play for the Washington Wizards. Chances are that other than those two major stories you probably don’t remember much about September 2001, unless you happened to get married that month or had a baby that month. Here at Hit Trophy we also almost forgot a major day for our business that happened in the month of September, 2001. 10 Years ago today www.HitTrophy.com was born.

Back in 2001 no one was real sure where this “internet” thing was going to go. People thought that it might actually turn into something big, while there were skeptics who thought that the internet was simply a fad. Fortunately for us we took a baby step onto the internet and hoped for the best. Looking back at our original website, it is actually very comical how simple and generic our first website looked like. Thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, we’re able to see exactly what our website looked like when we first launched it. If you’re in need of a good laugh, then click on this link to see HitTrophy.com…. the 2001 version. The orginal website was really nothing more than a reference website

While we always had an online presence with our website since 2001, we really didn’t get into the ecommerce side of the internet until 2008. That’s when we completely restructured our website so that anyone in the United States could buy from us right from the comfy confines of their home. Not only did we add ecommerce to our website, but we also changed our color scheme and added hundreds of new engraved awards, trophies and plaques to our website for customers to choose from. To view the 2008 version of HitTrophy.com, just click on the link.

We always loved the 2008 version of HitTrophy.com as it served us and our customers well, but there always just seemed to be something that was missing. The joke around the office was that the 2008 version of our website was a lot like a “2002 Honda Accord”; sure it was very functional and reliable, but it just didn’t have any “shock and awe” to it. In 2011 that’s when we got the “pop” to our website that we had been looking for. To see this version you don’t need a link from the Wayback Machine, you can just click on the Hit Trophy logo in the top left hand corner. You can see that we moved up from our “2002 Honda Accord” to a “2011 Cadillac” with this updated version. So far things have been great with this new version of our website and hopefully it will continue to be a great asset for us and our loyal customers. We look forward to the future and whatever it may bring when it comes to plaques, trophies and awards.

Happy Birthday HitTrophy.com!