What is a Sulky?

What exactly is a sulky? Dictionary.com defines a “sulky” as “a light, two-wheeled, one-horse carriage for one person.” In harness racing, according to Sallie Walrond, author of the book “The Encyclopaedia of Driving”, the carriages behind the horses are called “sulkies” because the drivers must prefer to be alone as if the drivers were sullen or gloomy. Sulkies (sometimes called bikes due to their wheels) are typically divided into two types for harness racing. Jog carts are used for training the horse, and they usually have larger seats and tend to have heavy wooden/steel frames…..

Key to the City Plaques

Awarding someone the Key to a City is an act of friendship and trust. The practice dates back to the Middle Ages. Enclosed by walls and gates, towns used guards during the day and closed the gates at night for protection. By giving a person the key to the town, the leadership of that town allowed the recipient to freely travel within and without the town. Today, this act is largely a symbolic one, and it usually is used by city leaders as an act of appreciation or gratitude….