Yotpo LogoHit Trophy constantly strives to help our customers, and we recently added some new features to our website to aid our customers in choosing the correct items for their needs.

When customers visit a product at hittrophy.com, they will now have a chance to ask questions about a product online. Also, previous customers who have purchased the product will have a chance to write a review of the item as well as assign a rating to the product such as five out of five stars. In addition, an extraordinary aspect of our new system will allow customers to sort reviewers by their expertise and by social circles. But why is that important and how does that help customers?

Imagine that you plan to purchase an expensive item, let’s say a camera, on a website. Chances are you will probably read the reviews of the camera. Unfortunately, you know nothing about the reviewers on most websites. The reviewer may know little about cameras or photography in general. Or the reviewer may be a disgruntled former employee just trying to cause trouble. The bottom line is you just don’t know the reviewer. Wouldn’t you rather take advice from a friend, neighbor, or others in your immediate social circle? Our new rating system allows to you to do just that.

We now use Yotpo (your opinion the public opinion) as our rating platform, and this unique platform was created by Omri Cohen and Tomer Tagrin. In an interview that appears on YouTube.com, Tagrin recently explained that Yotpo places “a social layer on top of the review space.” Yotpo sends out e-mails only to verified buyers of the product for them to review their recent purchase. That’s how you can be sure you’re reading an authentic review from a person who actually bought and used the product you’re interested in. The Yotpo platform also gives a customer the chance to learn more about a reviewer. By clicking on the reviewer’s photo, a customer may see how many other reviews this person has written and how useful the reviews have been ranked. In addition, a customer now has the ability to search social media sites for this reviewer. Yotpo searches Facebook, Google +, Twitter, or LinkedIn and will tell the customer if the reviewer is a member of the same social circles. Yotpo will even sort reviews for a product by social degrees. The first degree reviews (written by friends and people you know personally) will appear at the top of the list of reviews. The second degree reviews (written by friends of friends) will appear lower in the list, and so on. As a future customer, this information provides you with credible reviews from reliable sources you may know personally or your friends know.

Omri Cohen & Tomer TagrinYotpo also provides incentives to reviewers. When you purchase an item, you will have a chance to review that item. Your rating will be placed on the website with your comments, and you will be assigned a score as a reliable reviewer and you will be given badges, such as “newbie” or “leader” on the platform. As a reviewer, you may have a chance to answer questions that are posted by customers.

Yotpo is quickly becoming another form of social networking. As co-founder Tagrin put it, “Yotpo is a people powered reviewlution.” In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Tagrin also said “the service (which has 45,000 companies signed up and gets about 100,000-140,000 reviews a month) was expanding from simply providing reviews of products and services, to engaging customers much more deeply.”

Hit Trophy is proud to provide this new service to our loyal customers. Yotpo will allow our customers to rate our many fine products, and it will allow them to ask questions online about items. Most importantly, Yotpo provides credible reviews of our awards, gifts, and trophies. Please try the new features, and send us your comments at sales@HitTrophy.com.