A display for patents that have been laser engraved into glass plaques. They're located at the corporate headquarters for Owens-Illinois.

Owens-Illinois Patents laser engraved with our glass plaques and placed in this display at their corporate office.

Owens-Illinois, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers, has created a unique display to acknowledge their employees’ achievements, and O-I uses Hit Trophy’s Clear Glass Plaques as part of that display.

“We love glass, and we believe in glass,” Earnest Iddings, an O-I associate engineer, said in a recent interview. “It was a natural fit for us to use glass to recognize our people and their accomplishments.”

Mr. Iddings, a member of the Process Research department, reports that a group of employees “who were passionate about their colleagues’ achievements and the benefits of glass” dreamed of building an exhibit to show the latest patented ideas O-I technicians had created. In 2012, the extraordinary dream exhibition became reality.

A Dream Comes True at Owens-Illinois

In the Research, Innovation, Engineering, and New Product Development building at the Owens-Illinois global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, the company has created a showcase of the latest 26 patented ideas to spring from the creative people at O-I. Each patented idea is captured in a diagram, and the diagram is engraved into a glass plaque. Framed by American oak wood, each glass plaque acts as a tile in the striking display. Mr. Iddings commented, “As the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, we wanted to make sure we were incorporating glass as part of our patent recognition display.”

O-I holds over 1,800 patents worldwide, and according to Mr. Iddings, the company receives about 25 new patents each year for their innovative ideas. Currently, the patents on display at the O-I headquarters cover a variety of groundbreaking designs including new bottle designs, technology advancements, process efficiencies, and worker and equipment safety. The glass plaques depicting the patented diagrams are updated annually.

Iddings, who has been with O-I for five years, believes the company has some of the most ingenious individuals he has ever known. He said, “Theses plaques are a way to show how the company is making efforts to drive technology for the future.”

A look at how Owens-Illinois displays their patents. It shows glass plaques with the patents laser engraved directly onto them and placed into their custom woodwork.

A broader look at how Owens-Illinois displays their patents while using our glass plaques.

Hit Trophy Thanks Owens-Illinois for their Business the Past Five Years

Owens-Illinois makes over 5 million glass containers every hour of every day. They have 78 plants in 23 countries including China, Italy, and the United States, and they employ over 26,000 people across the planet. So when the world’s leading creator of glass packaging asked Hit Trophy to supply them with our Clear Glass Plaques, we were humbled, but happy to be associated with a quality company with high standards in glass.

3 sizes of clear glass plaques: 6x8. 7x9 & 8x10 sizes are displayed. All have a metal post in the bottom so they can stand on a desk or shelf.

Clear Glass Plaques

Whether you exhibit them in a huge showcase like Owens-Illinois or simply place them on the desk of a deserving individual, our Clear Glass Plaques make stunning awards no matter how you display them. They come in two sizes: GL306C = 6″ x 8″ and GL306D = 8″ x 10″. Both sizes use a solid pane of pristine glass with beveled edges. A solid steel pin near the bottom of the glass acts as a stand to prop up the plaque. Each plaque holds up to eight lines of text plus artwork. Our graphic artists can duplicate any business insignia, company logo, or school mascot because they use the latest in laser technology to engrave our plaques. All engraving comes free of any additional charge.

We Offer Dozens of Quality Glass Plaques
2 sizes of blue glass plaques are shown. The larger 8x10 size is on the left and it's blank, while the smaller 6x8 size is on the right. It shows how one looks with a laser engraved logo & text.

Blue Glass Plaques

For those who may want an award with a splash of color, we have those too. We offer our Blue Accent Glass Plaque. This stylish award has an elegant yet simple design consisting of a 3/8” thick pane of glass with beveled edges and a blue accent strip running vertically down the left side of the plaque. Available in two sizes (item G2867 = 5″ x 7″ and item G2879 = 6″ x 8″), both sizes make a contemporary accolade for a deserving colleague.

Want more than a little color? Try our Blue Glass Plaque! This solid indigo colored glass plate makes a striking tribute to any industrious employee. The standard size (BL306C) measures 6” x 8”, but the larger size (BL306D) has the dimensions of 8″ x 10”. Each size will fit up to eight lines of text, plus any graphics you wish to provide. The free engraving appears in a contrasting white to the dark blue background. Either size will make an excellent award.

In addition to our single colored awards, we offer a variety of multi-colored glass awards too. Take for example our Red Glass Tray Award. The splendid, square-shaped glass tray combines a black engraving area with two wings that have a ruby red color with a crackled appearance. A black wooden stand holds the tray upright so all can view the message it bears. This award is available in two great sizes: 8”x 8” (DTGL38) and 10”x 10” (DTGL39).

We Sell Many Forms of Glass Awards, Glass Trophies, and Glass Artwork

If you wish to view our full line of glass plaques, follow this link. Keep in mind, we also offer over 150 glass trophies and art glass awards as well as hundreds of other statues, trophies, and personalized gifts. Also consider that at Hit Trophy, it doesn’t matter if our customer is an international corporation like Owens-Illinois or an athletic director from a local school. As a family owned business for over fifty years now, we have always provided high quality items and treated all of our customers with the same friendly attitude. Try us and see for yourself.

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